We provide private underground utility locating services to both
commercial and residential customers.

Gas Lines
Fiber Optic Lines

Telecommunication Lines
Electric Lines

Cable Lines
Water and Sewer Pipes

Proactively locating utilities before you dig creates a safe work environment and eliminates unwanted damage, costs and liability. We provide private underground utility locating services to both commercial and residential customers.

It’s important to know that Diggers Hotline will not locate privately-owned underground conduits, wiring or utilities of any type. They’re only responsible for locating the utility company’s lines up to the service entrance or meter.

When privately-owned underground utilities require locating, contact us. We even offer emergency locating should the circumstances arise.

Employment Opportunities at Livewire

Livewire, Inc. is an owner operated business offering a great opportunity for stable employment and a multitude of career opportunities with plenty of room for career growth and advancement. Our large range of projects allows our employees to pave the road to a successful career in either the field or office. At Livewire you are not just a number you are part of the family. Your success is our future!

Company Benefits

Livewire is dedicated to attracting and retaining the highest quality employees and rewarding them with competitive wages and an excellent benefits package. We take pride in developing our employees and promoting from within. At Livewire, Inc. the opportunities are endless!

Benefits available to our employees:

Dental, Health, and Vision Insurance
Education Reimbursement
Paid Vacation
Sick Days
Performance Incentives
Tool Purchasing Program
Material Purchasing Program
State Certified Apprenticeship Training

Livewire staff are Trained and Certified through Staking University.

Since 1999, Staking University has delivered locating equipment training courses for over 600 client companies throughout the U.S., including utilities, municipalities and private organizations. Our highly skilled, experienced instructors provide classroom and hands-on instruction that benefits all levels of utility locators, from novice to expert.

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